We had it all 1 foot and sunny for the first day of the World Surf League Boardmasters Longboard Pro to head high plus and stormy the second day.


Sat Remi Arauzo 2 by Jason feast Sat Antoine Delperro 4 by Jason feastSat Remi Arauzo by Jason feastSat Antoine Delperro by Jason feast Sat Zak Lawton by Jason feast JF158872 .Jason FeastSun Antoine Delperro 2 by jason feast sun Ben skinner by jason feast 2Sun Antoine Delperro by jason feast Sun Emilien Fleury by Jason Feast sunday1 girls longboard by jason feast Sun Aurelien Meynieux by Jason Feast Sun Ben skinner by jason feastsunday1 Pres Mens longboard by jason feastsunday1 Pres longboard by jason feastwsl3