JASON FEAST MEDIA is Based in the UK with the ability to cover International locations at a moments notice, offering:

Examples of work can be seen all across the world in various forms from Magazines and Advertising Billboards to web episode films and full branded marketing campaigns.

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the client whether it be treading water for three hours, having pictures ready for press deadlines or a complete photo / filming / editing / social media marketing package of an event.

We are skilled in Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, and Brand Development.

This service is championed by Jason Feast – with over 15 years  experience working on brand campaigns with companies like Monster Energy, Animal Clothing and runner up Sony World Photographer Award 2013.

Short Bio:

Jason Feast grew up on the Tropical islands of Indonesia and Vanuatu and then the UK where he finished his education gaining a Degree in Design Technology and Business and a Diploma in Photography.

With his thirst for travelling and surfing he spent the next few years globe trotting in search of waves. He has contribute regularly to the UK and international surf magazines, the surf advertising industry,  News agencies ,  the National press and running social media campaigns for action sports companies.

Now based In the UK running JASON FEAST MEDIA which specialises in Brand Campaigns Photography / Videography / Social media marketing.


BSC Design Technology and Business, National Diploma Photography, Art and Design


Sony World Photography Award runner up

2015 London Surf/Film Festival Shorties Finalist

Brand Ambassador for:

Press articles



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